We produce Cosmetic Product Safety Reports specifically for small-scale and craft clients. Our service is completely confidential, supportive and cost effective.

We are happy to provide free quotations for all categories of cosmetic product without obligation. We will discount greatly if you are submitting several recipes at once or have a range of products that share a similar base and only vary by the inclusion of different actives (essential oils, herbs, colours etc).

Typical examples of our fees* for producing CPSR's are as follows –

(*advice and support are always free!)


Our minimum starting fee for a single product


A range of 8 Cold Process soaps

(same base recipe with different herbs, fragrances and colours)


(£22.50 per product)

A range of 8 bath bombs

(same base recipe with different herbs, fragrances and colours)


22.50 per product)

A complex cream / lotion  
(15 ingredients)


A range of 6 shampoos 
(same base recipe with different extracts, fragrances and colours)


(£30.00 per product)

Typical products that we assess on a regular basis include;

Melt and Pour soaps

CP and HP Soaps, Shampoos, shaving bars and Liquid soaps

Liquid Soaps, bubble baths, shampoos using cosmetic bases

Body Butters, balms and oils

Lip Balms and scrubs

Bath bombs, Teas, Salts and Creamers

Bath melts and oils (including foaming and dispersible)

Cosmetic emulsions – creams and lotions (body, face, hands, feet)

Hair products – oils, masks, shampoos and conditioners

Facial products – serums, oils, creams, toners, cleansers

Beard products – oils, balms, waxes

Shower gels and bath foams

Foaming bath butter

Body Scrubs (including facial scrubs)

Face masks

Nail products

Mineral make-up

Please do feel free to email us if you have any questions at all. When you are ready, simply email your formulations - click here for our guide to what we need to see to quote - and we will be happy to help. You may also find it helpful to check our FAQ page where you will find answers to common and not-so-common questions.

Once you have your quote/feedback, you decide whether you want to proceed. Our preferred payment processor is PayPal or we can arrange for bank transfers if that is your preference.

All of our quoted prices include VAT.