White label (Pre-certified) products for our clients

For our customers who make their own products such as soaps, bath products, oils and butters and who would like to add to their range without the expense of product development, stability and CT testing and safety assessments, we are providing an ideal solution-

A number of ready-made products, already safety assessed, already CT and stability tested complete with your details on the CPNP as part of the service.

All you need to do is package and label – using your own brand so that the products fit perfectly into your current range. You simply send us pictures of your chosen packaging and your own label - we do the rest and you are ready to start selling immediately.

You are free to give the product your own prefered name - Serum, Super Serum, Luxury Serum, Luxury Mosituriser - your choice.

The first product that we are introducing is our flagship product – a luxury un-fragranced cream-based serum for facial and neck use, although it can be used anywhere on the body including the eye contour area. It is a finished product in its own right but we would consider the potential for our clients to use this as a base and add their own signature fragrance – in this case, a new safety assessment would be needed, but we would provide this at a much-reduced price.

So – more about the product. We are describing it as a serum as it is a luxury product - it is a silky emulsion with the texture of a rich but pumpable moisturising cream. We provided our manufacturer with a list of key natural and luxury ingredients – the type we would expect our clients would use if they were making this type of product, but with a few unusual added extras. They came up with a final formulation for us and it is fair to say that we are delighted!


Key ingredients for the serum are

Oil phase - Sweet Almond oil, Macadamia seed oil, Shea butter, Rosehip Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea butter esters, Vitamin E

Extracts of Horse chestnut and hawthorn demonstrate a remarkable series of cosmetic properties and we will provide information leaflets to give you full marketing potential.

Also included is an emulsion stabiliser based on innovative olive oil technology which gives a rich, gliding feel to the product and perfect skin feel.

In terms of being a finished product, this is up there with the best of any that we have seen. In terms of being a potential cosmetic base – it is unique.

Please see HERE for what to do after ordering, full INCI list and descriptions that you may use to describe the product.

We are packaging in 2.5 litre containers and providing a useful dispenser with every first order, so that you can transfer into your chosen containers.

We recommend retailing in either 30ml or 50ml containers. Pumps or jars depending on your own preferences and current product range.

We are also advising a minimum RRP of £7.50 – of course, it’s completely up to you and we are sure that some of our clients who sell at the higher end, will be able to achieve £15-£20 per unit based on the sheer quality of the product.

Order your sample now - £2.99 for 30ml including P&P

Samples will be sent 2-3 working days after order

For full sized product orders, there is no minimum order requirement other than we are selling in multiples of 2.5 litre

P&P will be fixed at £10 per delivery in the UK – so if you order 1 or 10 units, the P&P is the same

The price per 2.5 litre container is £60 including VAT. If you sell in 50ml quantities, this works out at 50 units – the potential profit margin is excellent in our opinion.

To order your full-size product online, please use the Pay Pal function below

To order your 6 fragrance variant safety report for just £49, please use the Pay Pal function below Once you have completed your purchases you will be taken automatically to our information page which will explain exactly what to do next.