Microbeads Ban

In January 2018 the UK has banned the use of microbeads in all rinse-off cosmetics. The ban is primarily aimed at prohibiting the use of these small plastic spheres for use in exfoliating and cleandsing products. However, the wording of the regulation specifies the criteria by which microbeads are defined. This means that as a consequence of this ban, the use of plastic based cosmetic glitters and other plastic decorative items measuring less than 5mm can now no longer be legally used in the manufacture of rinse-off cosmetic products. These include soaps, bath bombs, bath melts etc.

If you currently have products that use glitters etc. for decoration, you are still legally able to sell these until June 2018 - after this time it will become an offence.

The good news is that most suppliers are now selling biodegradable glitters - these are perfectly acceptable (only plastic that doesn't biodegrade is banned).

For those of our clients that have standard glitters included on their assessments - we can provide you with an addendum stating that biodegradable glitters may be used in place of the standard non-biodegradable.

Please note that this will NOT be provided automatically. If you are affected, please do the following;

Email us with the Responsible Person Name and full address on your reports. We will reply with your invoice (£15) and once that is paid, your addendum will be provided by email. You will then just need to update your PIF and labels.


Please note - the ban ONLY relates to rinse-off products.

Please see the CTPA website for further information