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CPSR CP Salt Bars Soap range, 6 essential oil variants, flexible botanicals and clays

CPSR CP Salt Bars Soap range, 6 essential oil variants, flexible botanicals and clays

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Cosmetic Product Safety Report using our best selling Salt Bar solid CP soap base recipe together with your choice of essential oil blends or singles and completely flexible clay and botanicals, giving you the potential to create a huge range of soaps.  The Salt soaps cosmetic assessment also allows for shaving use as the lather the soaps make is superb, and the base can be sold unfragranced without additions.

Salt attracts moisture, therefore at cooler times, particularly in the UK, you will find that any soap formulated with salt can be prone to weeping. It can be helpful to use silica gel bags and dehumidifiers in storage areas. For packaging it's recommended that you experiment to find what works for you and definitely before sending stock to shops for sale. 

We also suggest experimenting with the essential oils before committing to a purchase. When you've made your decision, select the variant set that you require. Your CPSR will then be written, therefore please note, once you have purchased we cannot make changes or cancel your order as this is a customised product.

Ingredients: Olive, Coconut, Castor oil, Lye and Himalayan and or Sea Salt.
Flexible clays, Illite / Kaolin / Montmorillonite / Moroccan Lava Clay / Bentonite. Activated Charcoal 
Botanicals for decoration, Dried Cornflower, Rose, Heather, Calendula, Poppyseed, Rosemary, Lavender.

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